Mrs. Claus' Cookbook - Owen's Soy Shortbread

Owen's Soy Shortbread

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From the kitchen of Owen

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Recipe Details

Bake Time:
30-35 minutes
4 dozen
Good for parties/potlucks, Kid friendly


1 cup (2 sticks) soy margarine (or butter)
3/4 cup sugar
2-2 1/2 cups flour


  1. When ready to bake, preheat over 300 Degrees F.

  2. Mix margarine with sugar, add flour (adding 1/2 cup at a time), add 1/2 cup more if needed, form ball. Refrigerate at least 20 minutes (freeze up to 2 weeks).

  3. Cut ball in half, roll out on floured surface, use small shaped cookies cutters or cut with knife into squares.

  4. Place on ungreased cookie sheet.

  5. Bake 30-35 minutes (until golden brown).

  6. Cool 10 minutes.

If desired, spread egg white over top sprinkle with favorite holiday sprinkles or sugar.


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