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North Pole Frosty-Weather-Reader-Meter

Santa and the elves know that they can count on the North Pole Frosty-Weather-Reader-Meter to give them the most up-to-date weather reports, which helps them make sure that everything is in order for Christmas. In this craft, kids will create their very own weather-meter just like the one that Santa uses in this story about an Arctic snowstorm.

Supplies & Tools:


  1. Print the template.
  2. Color the pieces with crayons (or markers).
  3. Cut out pieces.
  4. Make sure box is closed, then set it on one of its sides.
  5. Roll the rectangular template piece from page 2, lining up the left edge with the dotted line on the right. Staple cylinder together.
  6. On this cylinder, fold the small bottom tab along the dotted line and glue (or tape) to top of box.
  7. Curl half of the pipe cleaner around the glue stick, leaving the other half straight.
  8. Tape the straight end of the pipe cleaner to the side of the box with the curly end pointing up.
  9. Glue remaining pieces onto box front. Refer to the image above as a guide.
  10. Now you have a weather-meter! Use your meter to get special weather reports from the North Pole!

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