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DIY Graphite Paper for Transferring Designs & Patterns

Graphite paper is quite handy for transferring images and line drawings, so it’s something that we elves like to use for various crafts. It works well for transferring designs onto most surfaces for many projects like cards, block printing, or embroidering, just to name a few. If you find yourself needing to make a transfer, but don’t have graphite paper on hand, you can make your own using just paper and pencil! This simple tutorial will have you on your crafty way soon enough using supplies that you already have on hand.


  1. Trace the design onto the back of the template piece. Hold it up to a window to see the design more easily.
    Note: For more intricate designs, simply color the back of your template with pencil. Coloring the whole page can be faster than tracing all the lines.
  2. Place the template—pencil side down—onto desired surface. If necessary, use artist tape to hold the template in place. (We transferred the design onto an eraser for this craft, but this technique will work on paper and light colored fabrics, too.)
  3. Trace over the design.
  4. The pencil on the back of the template will leave a light outline on the eraser.
  5. Now your transfer is done!

Elfy Hints:

  • While tracing in steps 1 and 3, make sure you trace over the line precisely. Otherwise you may end up with a wonky outline.
  • Use a fine-tipped pencil (such as a mechanical pencil) to trace in step 3 to get a thin, fine line.

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