Download your very own Christmas Countdown Calendar by clicking here!

Print out the calendar, fill in your name and the year, color the page, and then hang the calendar up on the fridge or in your room. Count down to Christmas by visiting each day and doing the suggested activity. Once you have completed the activity, then cross off the date with a marker or by placing a sticker over the day. Before you know it, Christmas will be here!

December 1st

Print your Good Deeds Calendar for the month of December

December 2nd

Write a letter to Santa in the Mailroom

December 3rd

Play a game in the Elves’ Game Chest

December 4th

Create your own personalized story with YOU as the star

December 5th

Watch Disco Dancing Santa boogie to Christmas music!

December 6th

Pick up your letter from Santa in the Mailroom

December 7th

Read a story about Raymond the reindeer in the Reindeer Barn

December 8th

Talk to Bif or Bonnie through the magic of ElfChat

December 9th

Read a story about your favorite toy and color the pages

December 10th

Check out Santa’s favorite music, movies and books in Santa’s Den

December 11th

Find the hidden stories in the Kitchen

December 12th

Create your own book about Baby Bart

December 13th

Where’s Raymond? Find out in a story in the Reindeer Barn

December 14th

See if you’re on Santa’s naughty list or nice list in Santa’s Den

December 15th

Make a Christmas tree ornament for someone special

December 16th

Check out the weather at the North Pole at the Weather Station

December 17th

Read all about the Reindeer Games in the Reindeer Barn

December 18th

Send a Northpole postcard to a loved one in the Mailroom

December 19th

Find your favorite cookie recipe in Mrs. Claus’ Cookbook

December 20th

Look for the hidden stories in Santa’s Den

December 21st

Read a story about Raymond the reindeer in the Reindeer Barn

December 22nd

Find a new recipe to try in Mrs. Claus’ Cookbook in the Kitchen

December 23rd

Try Santa’s word search or concentration games in the Game Chest

December 24th

Track Santa’s flight around the world with NORAD

December 25th

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