To Grandmother’s House We Go

Julie and Sarah Thompson (Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen) are heading for Grandma’s house, even though they don’t have her address—or even permission to cross the street without a grown-up! Get in the yuletide spirit as Julie and Sarah spark a madcap romp involving two lighthearted crooks (Rhea Pearlman and Jerry Van Dyke) who claim to be Santa’s elves, a ransom demand, a mother’s love, a million-dollar lottery ticket, pursuing cops, a would-be Santa and his reindeer, Roy Rogers-like heroics and of course, the route to Grandma’s house. Sound like fun? It’s more than that. It’s a ho-ho-ho-lot of fun!

Run Time: 89

Rating: Not Rated

Year: 1992 uses cookies.

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