It’s a Wonderful Red Green Christmas

It’s that time of year again: Christmas. When you spend money you don’t have—to buy family members you don’t like—gifts they don’t need. But then, that’s where garage sales come from. So this year, do something different. Spend the holidays with us at Possum Lodge! It’s really the ideal place for an old-fashioned Christmas. I make a one horse open sleigh out of a K-car, Bill demonstrates the wrong way to cut down your own Christmas tree, and The Experts answer the age-old question, “Is there a Santa Claus?” Plus, Hap describes how he invented Christmas lights, Edgar decorates the tree using a howitzer, Harold and I do the Possum Lodge version of “The Night Before Christmas,” and much more. This video is more jam-packed than you’ll be after Christmas dinner. Happy holidays and have a laugh or two on us! -Red Green

Run Time: 25

Rating: Not Rated

Year: 1998 uses cookies.

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