Barbie in A Christmas Carol

The classic Dickens’ tale A Christmas Carol gets a Barbie makeover in this animated holiday program about the evils of selfishness. As Barbie and Kelly are preparing for a Christmas Eve charity fundraiser, Kelly complains that the new event is interfering with the family’s Christmas Eve traditions. Barbie takes the opportunity to tell her sister an important Christmas story set in Victorian England. The story is in essence the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge, but with Eden Starling (Barbie) standing in for Scrooge, Catherine for Bob Cratchit, and young orphan Tammy for Tiny Tim. Eden is a self-centered star whose new stage show is about to open and who lives her life by the decree that “In a selfish world, the selfish succeed.” Completely lacking in Christmas spirit, Eden insists that her best friend and costume designer Catherine, as well as her other co-stars, cancel their holiday plans to work on Christmas day. Eden’s peaceful Christmas Eve slumber is interrupted by visits from the spirits of Christmas past, Christmas present, and Christmas future and each brings visions of misery and despair. Finally realizing that her own actions have a direct impact on the future happiness of herself and others, Eden reconsiders her selfish ways and commits to a more caring and generous way of life. While some traditionalists may cringe at the liberties taken with Dickens’ well-known story, Barbie in A Christmas Carol is a powerful program that encourages the virtues of caring and compassion in children ages three and older.

Run Time: 60

Rating: Not Rated

Year: 2008 uses cookies.

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