Winter Light


Winter Light is a collection of previously released material from Greek-American star Yanni sure to please fans of his softer, romantic side. “Only a Memory” and “Until the Last Moment” particularly stand out for their gentle piano and ethereal sensibility. “Point of Origin,” “Marching Season,” and “A Word in Private” all have a pretty, introspective touch and an electronic tension built with the production help of Tangerine Dream’s Peter Baumann. Rounding out the reserves of memorable melodies are “True Nature” and “Face in the Photograph.” Though this release will be nothing new to die-hard fans, it’s still a worthy collection for inclined newcomers.

  • Forgotten Yesterdays
  • Only A Memory
  • Point Of Origin
  • Marching Season
  • After The Sunrise
  • Until The Last Moment
  • Twilight
  • Keys To Imagination
  • A Word In Private
  • True Nature
  • The Magus
  • Face In The Photograph uses cookies.

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