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A Sweet Burlap Wreath

Make this burlap wreath at a fraction of the cost of those that you’d find in stores. We made ours on a cardboard base, but you may prefer to use a foam wreath form for a sturdier wreath. You can use this wreath for any occasion by simply changing the appliqués!

Supplies & Tools:

  • 2.5 yards burlap, any color
  • Cardboard – at least 15" x 15"
  • Compass
  • X-Acto
  • Cutting mat
  • Stapler
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Tapestry needle
  • Optional: ribbon


  1. Lay cardboard on a flat surface. Using a compass, draw a large circle, about 15".
  2. Next draw a smaller circle inside the large circle. Smaller circle should be about 2.5–3" inside the large circle (about 9.5" diameter).
  3. Lay cardboard on the cutting mat and cut out the circles to make the wreath.
  4. Decide what color burlap you would like.
  5. Lay burlap on a flat surface. Measure 12" over from the long edge. At the 12" mark, completely pull out a thread, and then cut along the line that it leaves behind. See detailed steps here. Burlap strip should be 12" x 90".
  6. About 1" from the long edge, gently pull a thread. DO NOT completely pull out the thread. Pull the thread so that it gathers the burlap. You will need to work in sections, so as not to break the burlap thread. Continue working the thread, bunching up the burlap as you go.
  7. Lay the bunched edge of burlap loosely around the inner circle of the wreath. Tighten or loosen the bunched fabric as necessary.
  8. Begin stapling burlap to the cardboard. Be sure that the bunched ‘line’ is slightly overlapping the cardboard.
  9. Staple every couple inches until finished.
  10. Fold burlap under the cardboard.
  11. Begin scrunching the burlap with a thread that is 1" from the free edge. Continue bunching the fabric until the entire edge is loosely bunched.
  12. Begin gluing the edges down with hot glue. Use extreme caution as the glue is very hot and bleeds through the holes of the burlap.
  13. Continue gluing down burlap, adjusting the bunched fabric as necessary.
  14. To hide the seam of the burlap take the tapestry needle, some burlap thread (use what you pulled out of the burlap in step 5)and loosely sew the edges together to disguise the seam. We pierced the needle through the cardboard and glued it down on the back side of wreath.
  15. Now you wreath looks like this. It’s pretty, but we prefer a more scrunched appearance.
  16. With the back side facing up, gently pull a thread (perpendicular to the inner circle) until desired effect is reached.
  17. Continue bunching the fabric around the wreath, working one thread at a time.
  18. Once satisfied with the finished look, use small amounts of glue to hold the threads in place. Apply glue near the base of the thread and cut off the excess thread.
  19. Now your wreath looks like this:
  20. To add a hook, cut a pipe cleaner to about 4–5" long. Twist the ends together, so that the pipe cleaner forms an “O”.
  21. Glue on the back of the wreath using hot glue. This is to hang your wreath.
  22. Add appliqués to adorn your beautiful burlap wreath!

Elfy Hint:

  • If you don’t have a compass, try using one of the two methods below to draw large circles.
    • Use a large round object—such as a plate or mixing bowl—to trace a circle onto cardboard.
    • Tie a piece of string to two pencils. One pencil will be the anchor (pivot point) while the other draws the circle. uses cookies.

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