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Gift Ideas for Pets

A dog’s woof, a cat’s meow, tickly whiskers, soft fur, and wet noses are all things that we love about our pets. They are a part of the family, which is why you want to find some nice gifts for your furry babies (or maybe your grandpuppy or kitty-in-law). Take a peek at the gifts below, and you’ll find the purrfect present for your pet in no time.

Indulge your pup with a pair of these cute, squeaky doughnut toys. Handmade from cuddly fleece, your doggie can gnaw on one of these sweet treats.
Water will roll right off your pup’s back next time they go out in the rain with the help of this Rainy Days Slicker. Available in 6 sizes, this jacket also has reflective striping, a hood, and a leash hole.
Not only is this pterodactyl chew toy too cute for words, but it’s also made with Chew Guard Technology to withstand tough chewers. And, if your doggie digs dinos, consider getting him a stegosaurus and a triceratops, too.
Give a toy that dogs will enjoy—okay, mama and papa will, too! Everyone will love these Silly Dog Toys so much that you’ll be inspired to include one in next year’s Christmas card photo.
The KONG ZoomGroom grooming brush helps to remove your dog’s loose hair, plus it stimulates natural oil production for healthy skin and coat.
Two of your dog’s favorite toys—a tennis ball and a squeaky toy—were combined to create the Kong Squeakair Tennis Ball. Rugged felt encases the squeaker, and even though the felt is durable, it won’t wear down your canine’s canines as they gnaw on this toy.
“Woof, woof!” is dog speak for “Treats, please!” And that’s exactly what your pup will say when he unwraps the goodies inside a BarkBox. Each box contains jowl-dropping treats, paw-picked toys, and fun chews. Give a one-month gift box or a monthly subscription to the special pooch in your life.
Your kitty will look so tech-savvy when she sits at this laptop scratching pad. Made from cat-approved cardboard, this “laptop” is designed to look like the real deal, down to the mouse and the ability to change the desktop background. Maybe with laptop of her own, your cat will stop trying to lie on yours!
Unleash your cat’s natural instincts with the NoBowl Cat Feeding System. Rather than serving up meals in a bowl, this feeding system stimulates your feline’s hunt and eat patterns. To use NoBowl, fill the dispenser with kibble, hide it, then let your cat find their feast.
Avast, fearless kitty—thar be a shark in your midst! We absolutely adore the fun, playful design of this Shark Cat Ball®, and we think your furry friends will love it, too. Pssst! You may also like this whale bed!
Cats will have double the fun with this 2-for-1 hedgehog and mouse scratcher set.
Give a kitty an attractive new abode. Cats will love to sleep, nap, and take shelter in this Ice Cream Truck Pet House. Made from recycled cardboard, this “house” is non-toxic and biodegradable.
Your furry felines will love the corrugated feeling of this catnip-filled KONG Active Scratch Apple. Easily refill with fresh catnip by twisting off the top.
The future may be unpredictable, but you can be sure that your kitty will go crazy for these catnip fortune cookies. Made from felt and fleece and filled with organic catnip, we foresee that felines will love these toys.
Whether you want to slow down your cat’s chow time or you simply want something to help keep him entertained, get this Fishbowl Feeder for your furry four-legged friend. While the bowl can hold enough food for a meal, it can also be used as fun way to give your cat a treat.