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Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Adventurer

Backpacks and tents and bears, oh my! We know that was a cheesy interpretation of Dorothy’s famous line, but bears are definitely a concern for campers in the wilderness. Your loved ones who frequently venture out into the woods and on hiking trails may be quite familiar with this reality. Whether they go trekking for one day or several days at a time, here are some ideas for your adventurous comrades.

This picnic backpack is a perfect gift for a couple, as they can easily pack a lunch and transport it to the park or their favorite outdoor spot. The large inner pocket is insulated, and the backpack comes with two complete place settings.
Whether camping outdoors or barbequing in the backyard, this Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster will evenly toast fireside victuals. Simply load the skewers with food, hold the rod over the fire, then flip the food by giving the pole a jolt.
When your family is on a hiking trip and someone’s phone or tablet is low on juice, simply plug it into this solar charger and let the sunlight charge it back up!
Perfect for carrying your favorite beverages on a backpacking trip, this Sling Beverage Cooler stows standard cans and tallboys so your peeps can be adequately refreshed. Inside the cooler is a waterproof lining that keeps any spills or condensation contained.
Repel bugs naturally with mosquito repellant bath soap. The special blend of citronella oil and natural plant extracts prevents pesky mosquitos from feasting on your friends, family, and furry companions. Use the soap for at least three days to achieve the insect-repellant benefits.
This BearVault Bear Proof Container holds enough food for one person for four days. The barrel is conveniently clear so your friends can find exactly what they’re looking for. When giving this container to a friend, fill it with Clif Bars, trail mix, or jerky to make the gift extra special.
Knowing that your loved ones are prepared for emergencies during their outdoor excursions is priceless. Give them this camping survival kit that includes waterproof matches, a candle, compass, flashlight, whistle, and more.
Compact and lightweight, this emergency blanket is waterproof, windproof, and helps keep your adventurous friend warm by reflecting their body’s heat back towards them.
Designed for optimum comfort, the Ozark Trail Hydration Pack has the capacity to hold 2 liters of water and has several compartments for storing other essentials for outdoor adventures.