Gift Shop - Gift Ideas for the Home

Gift Ideas for the Home

Here are some gifts that are functional, unique, and great additions to one’s home. You’ll see some useful gadgets, things to make the house feel cozy, and some ornamental presents. After you’ve chosen a nifty gift for your friends and family, you just might want one of these items for yourself, too!

Create a cozy ambiance with this pretty pottery oil candle. It features a special wick that doesn’t smolder like cotton does, and it burns cleanly when filled with liquid paraffin.
Crafted from durable steel, the Baltic Firewood Rack would be a wonderful statement piece in your loved one’s home. The log rack comes in two contemporary designs: flame and tree.
Have you ever seen a Bluetooth speaker that looked so cute? This little octopus is water resistant, making it perfect for listening to tunes in the shower or the tub. In addition to playback and volume control, it has a built-in mic for taking phone calls.
Inspired by the design of a bird feeder, artist Francine Zajac introduces a new way to snack with the People Feeder. Simply fill the feeder with small snacks such as candy or nuts, then let gravity do its work, filling the ceramic base as folks munch away.
A clever gift for a city-dweller, this wall-mounted Fire Escape Shelf looks just like a miniature emergency exit. Use it to showcase picture frames, houseplants, and more.
The tiny tree on this small oil candle casts a beautiful shadow on the wall. Watch the shadow branches sway as the candle flame flickers. Available in 5 different styles.
These naturally beautiful Agate Coasters are a wonder accent to any home.
Never lose keys again with these cute His & Hers Key Holders.
The Spongester is a must-have item for every kitchen—no more confusion about which sponge is good or bad.
Artfully store bathroom tissue on the wall with this floating cloud shelf. The shelf shown can hold 8+ rolls, but if you’d like a bigger cloud (and more storage space), check out the large shelf that holds 13+ rolls.
This Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag is perfect for holding candy, snacks, or other small items. Folks will do a double take when they realize this baggie is actually made of glass!
The recipient of one of these cozy candles will enjoy the sweet scent and the gentle sound of the wood wick crackling as it burns. Scents available: Mulled Cider, Snow Day, and Sweater Weather.
For those who live in snowy areas, this copper-colored snow gauge is an artful way to measure the amount of snowfall (up to 3 feet) in a yard or garden.
This soft Llama Doorstop will gladly hold doors for you and your loved ones! Cute and delightful, this llama will be a welcome addition to anyone’s decor.
This Tube Wringer® is helpful with tubes of toothpaste, paint, ointment, or whenever someone wants to squeeze out the last drop from a tube.
Featuring words to live by, this lovely trio of prints will add to the cozy, friendly ambience of any dining room or breakfast nook.
Stack and store empty grocery bags on the side panels of this Urbano Eco Trash Can; what a great way to reuse plastic bags!