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So your friends and family are really into playing games, but is everyone weary of Life and Uno? You’re in luck because these games are a blast! If you were scratching your head about what to give the gamer in your circle, gift them one of these and be at ease knowing you’ll be giving them a future family favorite.

Break the ice at your next party, family dinner, or date night with Table Topics. Each deck of cards contains 135 questions that will spark conversations, such as: “How did your grandparents meet and fall in love?” and “What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever see?” There are several different versions of the game, including Teen, Family, Couples, and the Original version.
Relive stories that are tucked away in your memory with Rememory. The game cards prompt participants to recall stories about people and events that were meaningful to them. As the game progresses, players will bond and make deeper connections with their family and friends.
Handmade in Minnesota, these Yard Dominoes will bring family and friends together for an afternoon of fun. The pine pieces come in a jute drawstring bag, perfect for hauling the dominoes to a picnic, the beach, or your own backyard.
Are old wives’ tales true? Your pals will discern fact from fiction when they sift through the stack of 150 superstitions as they play Word Teasers – Old Wives’ Tales.
Your friends who love the backyard game will be excited to receive this tabletop version of cornhole. They’ll have a blast as they send mini bags catapulting across the board towards the hole.
Fluxx is a fun, energetic game where the only constant is that the rules are constantly changing. This will quickly become a favorite among friends and family!
7 Wonders is quite an addictive game. It’s full of strategy, while still fun and fast—it can be played in under an hour!
The Great Dalmuti is a fun game for adults and kids alike. The goal is to become the Great Dalmuti by being the first to get rid of your cards. This simple and fast paced game is always a hit at game nights.