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Gift Ideas for the Chef & Baker

We all know someone who makes magic happen in the kitchen. Whether they are an excellent baker or a fabulous chef, they truly enjoy preparing Christmas dinner and creating delicious desserts. If your loved ones are kitchen connoisseurs, here are a variety of gifts and gadgets to inspire their culinary side.

Cooking Gifts

Sushi lovers can roll their favorite fixings to create a delicious dinner in the comfort of their own home. This sushi making kit comes with tools and base ingredients to make the first few servings; all the recipient needs to add are the fillings.
It can be a tedious task to finely chop herbs by hand, but with these herb scissors, it becomes impressively easy! The scissors have three blades that finely chop or dice herbs over a bowl of soup, a slice of pizza, or tacos.
Ever heard of cooking on a slab of salt? Use this Himalayan Salt Plank for cooking meats, veggies, or even bread. Alternatively, use it as a platter to serve a variety of cheeses.
This simple contraption makes it easy for anyone to whip up a batch of freshly churned butter, and it even comes with recipes for making gourmet flavors, such as chili & lime butter.
This Maple Chipotle Grille Sauce is an award-winning sauce and one of Stonewall Kitchen’s top sellers. Use it to add sweet and savory flavors to meats or veggies.
Quickly seal tasty hand pies like a boss with this empanada fork! No more painstakingly crimping the edges with a regular fork; using this tool, you can crank out a batch of sweet or savory empanadas in no time.
Grate garlic in seconds with this French style garlic grater. Handmade in Texas, this stoneware tool doubles as a rustic serving dish, too. Simply grate some garlic, add a bit of olive oil and freshly ground black pepper, then serve with fresh baked bread for a delicious appetizer.
This Stone Salt Cellar is made from a stone collected from New England’s coast, then shaped by a craftsman who carves the salt cavity. The stone naturally absorbs moisture, so it’ll keep salt fresh for a long time.
Your culinary friends can easily make homemade dressings and marinades with this OXO salad dressing mixer. Metric and imperial markings on the sides allow for accurate measuring, and the flip top creates a watertight seal, preventing leaks and spills.
Give leftover produce a hug with these reusable silicone discs. Food Huggers come in two different sizes and are perfect for saving food whenever a recipe calls for half of a lemon, bell pepper, or onion.
Give the Cheese BBQ Utensil to someone who has a soft spot for cheese. They can use it to melt or grill cheese to their liking!
Make tasty homemade tortillas with this authentic tortilla press. In addition to the cast iron press, the kit also comes with a traditional woven cloth, habanero hot sauce, directions and recipes.
Chefs and foodies will love using this award-winning espresso rub to add flavor and tenderize meats, such as beef, pork, or chicken. It gives meats a crispy crust when roasted, plus it yields a smoky flavor.
Ingenious! This Cooking Guidelines Apron will leave you wondering why no one thought of this before! The handy reference charts are printed upside-down so they can easily be read while wearing the apron.
Chefs will be able to steep their soups and stews with richer flavors when they use this Soup Pot Flavor Infuser. Simply stuff the stainless steel ball with aromatic herbs and drop it into a pot. When ready to remove the ball from the soup, pull the silicone “tail” to quickly and easily extract it.

Baking Gifts

A great gift for bakers of all ages, this Emoji Silicone Mold features 28 popular emojis. The recipient of the mold can make a variety of homemade goodies from brownies and bread to Jell-O and ice cubes.
This flexible pastry mat makes it easy to roll out the perfect pie crust, as the circular guides help you to create the right-sized crust for your pie plate.
Baking is fun, but it’s a real bummer when cake or brownies get stuck or break when being removed from the pan. This non-stick Perfect Slice Baking Pan will release baked goods every time! Plus, the pan comes with a handy cutting tool so you can cut perfect squares!
This archival print of an original watercolor painting combines colorful imagery and hand lettering to beautifully illustrate a recipe for blueberry muffins. If you have a prized family recipe you’d like to turn into an original piece of art, the artist can also design a custom watercolor painting just for you.
Every baker needs a set of measuring spoons (or two for when they’re doing a baking marathon—hello, holidays!). These stainless steel measuring spoons are finished with copper and would be a charming addition to any baker’s tool arsenal. Psst! Check out these matching measuring cups.
Baking cakes is fun, but it’s a real bummer when a cake gets stuck and breaks when being removed from the pan. This non-stick, silicone round cake pan will release cakes perfectly every time! Plus, the pan has a sturdy stainless steel rim so it won’t warp or become flimsy when filled with batter.
This Mason Jar Juicer is a handy tool for extracting juice from citrus fruits, as it keeps the mess contained. So if your girlfriend is famous for her scrumptious Lemon Bars, this gadget will help her make those mouth-watering treats.
Whimsical and fun, this print of brightly colored macarons would look lovely in a kitchen, breakfast nook, or—if your friend owns a bakery—in her shop.
For a baker who likes to master new techniques, give this macaron kit. The kit comes with a batter/icing “pen,” a silicone baking mat, six decorating tips, and a recipe book that shows the recipient how to make gourmet flavors such as rose, pistachio, and more.
Quickly scrape out every last bit of batter with these bowl spatula scrapers. Made from sturdy nylon, these semi-circle scrapers can even handle thick batters and heavy doughs.
The recipient of this Customizable Cookie Stamp can bake one-of-a-kind cookies for any occasion or holiday. There’s no end to the number of messages they can express with the interchangeable letters, symbols, and numbers.
Non-stick, silicone baking liners replace the need for parchment paper. From countertop to oven, these liners are something no baker should live without.