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Gift Ideas for the Business Professional

Suits, ties, meetings, long commutes… All these may be things that your business savvy friend can identify with, but the fun and practical items below will help them do their job better or lighten the mood at the workplace. These are also great gift ideas for Secret Santa at the office.

Give your co-worker or loved one this inspiring wooden quote for their desk. “You Got This” is shown here, but you can also choose from “Up & At Em” or “Enjoy Today.” Handmade from birch plywood in Chicago, Illinois.
If your loved one needs a stress relief break at the office, give their brain a respite from emails and meetings with this miniature golf course. By turning the side knob, the recipient can change the green’s pitch and practice putting the ball across different terrain each time they play.
A modern Magic 8 Ball for business professionals, this gunmetal decision maker will be well-received by your boss or a friend who was recently promoted. Your personalized message will be engraved on the front panel, so you can add your own bit of wit or advice.
This hourglass is no ordinary hourglass because it is filled with magnetic sand! As the grains fall to the lower reservoir, they interact with the magnet in the wood base, producing stalagmites. The more sand that falls, the more the ferrous formation morphs, which is truly a mesmerizing sight.
Collar stays can be challenging to keep track of, as they often get lost in the laundry or when traveling. Collar Stay Punch to the rescue! Easily cut a new set of collar stays from used gift cards or expired credit cards with this handy gadget.
This colorful Art Cube is a wonderful gift for those who like to fiddle about while brainstorming or mulling things over. Sure to be enjoyed by right and left brain thinkers alike, the blocks are interconnected so the cube can be disassembled and reconfigured into various formations.
Know someone who often handles challenging situations on the job? Give them a jar of “Chill Pills” to help them simmer down after a stressful situation. The jar comes empty so that you can fill it with any candy you like.
Congratulate your boss on a career milestone or your friend on their new promotion when you give them one of these sassy desk signs. Funny and feisty, these signs will liven up any desk, cubicle, or office.
These lightweight titanium collar stays are truly a multi-purpose tool. They can be used to pop a bottle, cut a seam, tighten a screw, and of course, to keep a collar in place.
Know someone who occasionally needs a moment to relax in the midst of a demanding day? The recipient of this Meditation Box can pause to reflect and write their thoughts or doodle in the sandy canvas. For an even more personalized gift, you can customize the message on the inner lid of the Custom Meditation Box.