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Gift Ideas for the Bookworm

Books and gift cards are swell presents for the book lover, avid reader, or librarian in your life, but if you are looking for some more unique ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your loved one wants to show off their literary fervor throughout the house, office, or work, they’ll enjoy these gifts.

These charming Library Card & Stamp Pins would be a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to get lost in a good book. The recipient will be reminded of the good ol’ days before the era of digital media.
With the rich, sweet aroma of driftwood, mahogany, coffee, and leather, this bookstore scented soy candle will send any book fiend to their happy place. Other delightful scents include old books and Oxford library.
Literature lovers and thespians will get be amused with this Shakespearean Insults Chart. After they’ve spent some time reading the infographic, they may even try to sneak some of Shakespeare’s witty put-downs in everyday conversations.
So many books, so little time. Isn’t that the truth!? These lovely hand-stamped earrings are great for everyday wear or whenever your friend wants to channel their inner book nerd.
Did you know that several classic books were banned at one point in time? This Banned Books Morph Mug is covered in book titles that are blacked out, but when filled with hot tea or coffee, the black lines disappear, revealing the banned books underneath.
For book lovers who are also science fanatics, this Book Nerds Unite print features elements from the periodic table.
This Alice in Wonderland Illustration Scarf is a truly unique accessory for any Alice fan. The scarf contains original illustrations from the 1865 edition of the book, along with page text and bright blue blossoms.
A perfect gift for any Jane Austen fan, this charming print features one of Mr. Darcy’s famous quotes from Pride and Prejudice: “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”
Customizable with any book cover, imagine the surprise and delight your friend will feel when they receive this this mini book necklace featuring their favorite novel!
Give your book-loving friend a box of Novel Teas, and they can enjoy a line of prose at home, work, or wherever they have a hankering for a cup of tea.
This beautiful sliding book stand is a rather unique way to display books. Place it on a night stand, a shelf, or even on a kitchen counter to hold cookbooks.
This Library Card Tote Bag is the perfect bag for book lovers to tote their reading material around town.