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Gift Ideas for the Athlete

This Christmas you can give the fitness buff in your life some new gear to inspire their workouts. These gift suggestions will add variety to the aficionado’s workout regimen, aide in monitoring success, and help them stay on track.

Perfect for someone who often runs after dark, these Night Runner Headlights clip onto shoes and illuminate 270 degrees of their path.
Give these barbell cufflinks to your favorite fitness fanatic, and he can pump iron even when he’s not in the gym.
Someone who is looking for a low-impact exercise routine will enjoy the benefits of working out on a personal-size trampoline. They can burn calories and strengthen their core while minimizing stress on their joints.
Apply Kinesiology Theraputic Tape Pro directly to skin to help relieve muscle and joint pain when working out. Trainers and physical therapists have been using such tape for many years to help athletes improve their performance and to treat sports injuries. This tape is available in a multitude of colors and would make a great stocking stuffer for the athletes in your family.
For anyone who wants to get a little workout at the office, this Mini Stepper fits the bill! The recipient of this gift can get their steps in and condition their arms at same time. “Walking” on the pedals simulates walking up and down stairs, and the resistance bands give arms a workout.
Your spouse can wear a silicone wedding band instead of their precious, metallic ring when working out or competing in other athletic activities. This ring is flexible, comfortable, and will not chafe their skin when lifting weights. Plus, silicone is non-conductive and waterproof, making the ring safe to wear in all situations.
Timex IRONMAN® watches are a favorite among runners and athletes, and it’s no wonder why. The watches are lightweight, water resistant, and decked out with loads of features such as INDIGLO® light, lap timers, and much more.
A fitness ball is great for training exercises and stretching routines, but when used as a chair, it really strengthens back muscles and improves posture. The recipient of this balance ball chair gets the benefits of the ball with the convenience and ease of a rolling office chair!