Craft Cottage - Sparkly Winter Branches

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Crafting Time:

Less than 1 hour


Artificial Flowers
Glass Gems


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Sparkly Winter Branches

Christmas is a faaaabulous time of year! Brighten up any area with this wintery pink arrangement of branches and icicles. Pick up whatever type/color of winter branches you like from the craft store, and this quick & easy centerpiece could be on your table in no time.

Supplies & Tools:

  • About 8 stems of branches*
  • Tall vase
  • Clear glass pebbles
  • Mixed pink pebbles

*We got about 4 stems of a linear branch (hot pink), and 4 stems of a bushy branch (light pink). You may need more if you have a large vase. (Our vase is 10.5" tall with a 4" opening.)


  1. Add clear and pink pebbles to vase.
  2. Slightly separate the breaks of the branches to make them appear fuller.
  3. Add the shorter branches to vase, criss-crossing the stems.
  4. Add longer branches to vase.
  5. Add a ribbon or other décor as desired. For instructions on how to make a bow like the one below, click here.