Craft Cottage - Simple Chocolate Bar Wrappers

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Less than 1 hour


Gift Wrapping

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Simple Chocolate Bar Wrappers

When you want to give a sweet treat to a co-worker, your favorite barista, or the mailman, use this easy technique to quickly embellish the chocolate bar. Simply wrap paper around the bar, tape it into place, and then tie a ribbon around the bar. Not only does this jazz up the chocolate, this is also a thrifty way to use up wrapping paper or scrapbook paper remnants. Likewise, you can use short pieces of ribbon, raffia, yarn, or baker’s twine.

If you are giving multiple chocolates to one recipient, you can stack several bars and wrap them together. This technique is also a fast way to wrap similarly shaped objects, such as books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Need some inspiration? Check out the images below!

Cut a piece of scrapbook paper and wrap around the candy bar. Tie your favorite ribbon around it.
Use burlap to cover the chocolate bar, and then add a yarn pompom. Add a candy cane for a festive touch.
Wrap the chocolate with kraft paper and then use washi tape instead of ribbon. Use stamps or markers to add your message.
Paste a glittered embellishment under the ribbon.
Mix and match paper, ribbon, and embellishments so that no two gifts look alike! uses cookies.

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