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Save Those Bows!

If you’ve ever shipped gifts, traveled with presents, or tried saving bows, you are probably familiar with the plight of squished bows. If the ribbon has wired edges, you can certainly fluff it back to life, but what about non-wired ribbon or if you are shipping a gift with a bow? The answer: Tissue paper and air pockets.

Tissue paper is great for small or delicate bows. Wrapping paper or air pockets are good for large bows, such as tree topper bows or bows on wreaths.

To use paper, simply crumple tissue or wrapping paper and stuff inside each loop of ribbon.

Use tissue paper to keep bows looking fluffy year after year.

If you received any packages through the mail, they might have been packed with air pockets. You can use these, too!

Use airpockets to keep bows from getting squished in storage.

There’s no need to purchase paper in order to prep your bows for hibernation, just use what you have! Here’s a list of materials you can use to stuff your bows:

  • Used tissue paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • Magazines (not newspaper since the ink rubs off)
  • Air pockets from packages/mail
  • Balloons
  • Ziploc® bags (filled with air)

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