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Santa's Antique Map

Every Christmas Eve Santa relies on his map to know where the good boys and girls live, and he also needs the weather report so he can avoid storms while delivering presents. Do you remember what happened when Santa couldn’t get the weather report before his big trip? Click here to read the story and find out who saved the day. In this related craft, kids will make a map just like Santa’s so they can pretend they are flying around the world with him.

Supplies & Tools:


  1. Print the template onto white cardstock.
  2. Color the map with crayons or colored pencils. (Do NOT use markers, as they will bleed when you paint the map in step #6.)
  3. Place the map in brownie pan (or cookie sheet).
  4. Put tea bag in mug. Pour about 1/4 cup hot water into mug.
  5. Soak tea bag just until tea begins to color the water.
  6. Remove tea bag from mug and use bag to paint the map. Let dry.
  7. Now you have Santa’s antique map! Imagine you are traveling with Santa on Christmas Eve. uses cookies.

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