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1-3 hours


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Paper Bauble Garland

These fun baubles make a cute garland, but are also pretty as a stand-alone ornament. Making this garland is a great activity if you have lots of hands to keep busy, as this will expedite the process. We used the 1-inch circle punch for ours, but you may use a larger one if you like. This tutorial will produce a garland that is about 48 inches long, and you may space the baubles however you like—closer together or farther apart.

Supplies & Tools:

  • Decorative cardstock, assorted prints
  • Medium circle punch(1" diameter)
  • Yarn or other thin string
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Doll needle


  1. Choose your cardstock. You can use as many prints/patterns as you like.
    Note: Use2–3 colors of paper in order to make each paper stand out. For example, if choosing a monochromatic theme, choose 3 gradations of that color. If using a really busy print, then balance it by pairing it with a solid color.
  2. Using the medium circle punch, punch out circles (about 8–9 sheets of 12" x 12" paper). This should yield about 200 circles. Fold each circle in half, colored side facing in.
  3. Make the baubles by gluing the circles together. See more detailed instructions here. Make half of the baubles with 3 circles, and half of the baubles with 5 circles.
    Note:Be careful not to get hot glue in the center. Otherwise it may be difficult to string the garland.
  4. Cut a piece of string that is 5' long.
  5. Thread the needle with the string and begin adding the baubles, alternating the 3-sided and 5-sided baubles.
  6. When finished adding baubles, tie a knot in the string to keep baubles on the garland. (You could also glue the first and last bauble to the string to keep them in place.)
  7. Now your garland is ready to hang! uses cookies.

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