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Easy Yarn Pompoms

You may recall making these pompoms from your childhood; we certainly do! These easy decorations can be used in a number of ways—from centerpieces to wreaths to gift wrapping. However you decide to use them, you can make a variety of different pompoms by changing the color of yarn, the type of yarn, or the size. For more fun, try making multi-color pompoms with 2 or more colors and/or textures of yarn.

Supplies & Tools:

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


  1. Cut a piece of yarn that is 7–8" long.
  2. Hold this piece of yarn in between forefinger and middle finger. (Reserve this piece for later.)
  3. Hold forefinger and middle finger together; they will be your guide as you make the pompom.
    Note: you can use 2, 3, or 4 fingers to vary the size.
  4. Take hold of the yarn from the skein. Begin wrapping yarn around your fingers. We wrapped yarn around 2 fingers about 25 times for small pompoms and about 45 times when wrapped around 3 or 4 fingers.
  5. Cut yarn from the skein.
  6. Use yarn on reserve to gather yarn that is wrapped around your fingers.
  7. Gently tug the yarn off your fingers.
  8. Now firmly tie yarn in a knot to gather all the loops of yarn.
  9. Next cut all the loops of yarn.
  10. The yarn will be many different lengths, so trim the ends so that you have a nice round pompom.
  11. Make as many pompoms as you like to use in various projects and decorations. uses cookies.

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