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Gag Gifts

Are you looking for some silly stocking stuffers or small goofy gifts for your family or friends? Many of the items below are as functional as they are funny. The recipient may giggle or gasp at the sight of some of these gifts, so go ahead and pick a present or two!

A big dose of laughter is just what the doctor prescribed… For your friend who is always clowning around, give this emergency clown nose so they can whip out this red nose in a jiffy when others are feeling down in the dumps.
Wine is often a great hostess gift, but if your friends have a clumsy streak, give them this Red Wine Stain Remover along with the bottled beverage.
Kids and adults alike will get a lot of laughs out of this trick squirt camera. Pulling pranks is more fun with the two-way nozzle—aim it at the person in front the camera or at the person taking the photo!
At first glance, one might think these green-striped candy canes are minty, but a quick lick will reveal their true flavor—wasabi! Looking for more unique flavors to pull a prank? Check out these bacon and gravy candy canes.
If you want to get a good reaction from one of your friends or colleagues, give them these milk chocolate sardines. Packaged in a tin like real sardines, your friend be surprised when they realize that these little fishes are actually tasty French chocolates!
Pull a prank on your family members by placing their Christmas gifts inside a prank gift box. The recipient will have a laugh (and a sigh of relief!) when the realize that their real gift is inside this trick box. We recommend Nap Sack for kids, Hot Lips Face Heater for dad, Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets for mom, and Tech Neck for your siblings.
This Money Soap has real currency in the middle of the bar. (The soap guarantees to have a $1, $5, $10, $20, or even a $50 bill inside.) Hmm… Does anyone need an incentive to wash their hands or bathe more frequently?
A funny gift for a child’s or teen’s messy room, personalize a danger sign with your loved one’name.
The Bathroom Guestbook is a journal for friends and family to record their thoughts, draw a doodle, and jot down other details of their lavatory visit. Guests will enjoy a lot of laughs as they peruse the pages of previous visits.
Pull a sticky prank on your friends and family by placing these chewed gum magnets on the fridge, car, or locker!
Tricksters will have a hearty laugh when they gives folks a shock with this old-timey Hand Buzzer.