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Gift Ideas for the Cyclist

Cyclists enjoy nothing more than being outdoors on their bicycle, spending hours on the road. Whether they ride for fun, sport, or to commute, the cyclist in your life will certainly get a lot of mileage (literally!) out of these gifts.

The recipient of the Gone Cyclin’ Pillow Cover will be eager to put it on display whether on the sofa or in a cozy corner. With 45 colors to choose from, you can select just the right color to complement your loved one’s decor.
Made of bamboo and a reclaimed bike chain, each coaster in this set features an image of a unique bicycle: ten-speed, mountain, cruiser, and tandem. Combine with a 6-pack of local beer, and you’ve got an excellent gift for the cyclist in your life!
Help your friends and family stay safe on the streets with these Rearview Mirror Cycling Gloves. The rider can adjust the mirror so they always have a good view of their surroundings, as well as the traffic behind them.
Avid cyclists will geek out over the various bikes depicted on this poster that illustrates the evolution of bicycles. Whether hung in the recipient’s home or office, this poster is sure to spark conversations, such as, if you could go back in time, what bike would you most want to ride?
The strong magnets on these magnetic bike lights make the lights easy to attach, plus they ensure the lights stay in place, even during a bumpy ride. What’s more, the lights are small enough to stick in your pocket after you’ve ridden to your destination. The lights come in a set of two: a white light for the front fender and a red light for the rear fender.
Mount the ICEdot Crash Sensor on a helmet to protect your loved ones on their cycling excursions. The sensor will detect if a critical impact has occurred and will send a signal to the cyclist’s phone. The phone will sound an alarm and then send a text message to the rider’s pre-specified emergency contacts.
Made from durable coconut fiber, this Bike Doormat would be a welcome addition to any cyclist’s stoop or front porch.